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Find Senior Living and Care Options
Making the right care decision for your loved one can be a daunting task filled with stress, tension and pressure. There are so many assisted living, memory care, nursing, and other care options available North Carolina and South Carolina - the terminology is often unfamiliar. Senior Care Authority® will streamline the process to make it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Our national team of Senior Care Advisors spends countless hours inspecting locations, from mid-to-larger size communities as well as smaller, residential care homes, meeting the staff and reviewing state reports to advise you of any citations that may have been issued against a particular location.

A Senior Care Advisor will meet personally with you to discuss your options, accompany you on visits to locations and ensure that all your questions are answered. The hallmark of our service commitment is that we are by your side every step of the way. We would be happy to put you in contact with an advisor in your area who will provide you with expert advice on any of the assisted living locations listed in our directory of locations.

“8 Steps to Senior Placement”

Elder Care Consulting
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Get individualized assistance with your loved one
Sometimes our families just need more help with challenging transitions and decision-making. This may include facilitating essential conversations between family members, home care agency or caregiver selection, connections to valuable resources or regular visitations with a loved one providing "peace of mind" to family members when they are unable to visit themselves.

It can be comforting to have someone partner with you who is outside the emotional landscape of the family, doing research, talking to providers, organizing paperwork, or finding those "needle in a haystack" resources. A go-to person you can turn to when things get overwhelming. Whatever the need, we can customize our services for your family or provide you with vetted referral sources.

“8 Additional Ways We Can Help You”



Practicing Gratitude

Even when life is full of challenging circumstances, practicing gratitude can create an awareness of what is always available to us.

Unique Tools to Re-engage Older Adults

Kari Rogenski is Director of the Hummingbird Project by Sage Eldercare Solutions. Kari combined her passion for eldercare and the creative arts by becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered drama therapist working with elders. She is also co-creator of Joyful Moments: Meaningful Activities to Engage Older Adults. She is a proud advocate for the importance of finding and embracing joy throughout life.

Finding Resilience

There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of resilience and how it is especially significant as we age

Cultivating Self Compassion When Caring For Others

Today’s workplaces are more demanding than ever. Even if you like your job and are on a career path you have chosen, the amount of focus and responsibility can be daunting, even without other challenging responsibilities at home.

Supporting Caregivers and Older Adults

Mary Marita is Senior Vice President and COO at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. She has 22+ years of executive and administrative leadership in the aging field including long-term care and community-based organizations and is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. In 2012, Marita was recognized by Crain's in the 40 Under 40 awards and was honored as a YWCA Woman of Professional Excellence. Lisa Weitzman is the Benjamin Rose Institute Care Consultation Manager of Business Development. She holds an LISW-S license and Dementia Care Specialist certification. She has a passion for social justice and the social determinants of health as they pertain to older adults aging well in the community.

Top 10 signs your loved ones may need senior care

We Do The Homework For You

Our process is aimed at relieving you of the stress and confusion in finding the right care needs.

Mike Mannion

assisted living consultants Mike Mannion

Mike is a member in good standing and certified by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. He has lived in North and South Carolina for over 25 years where he filled executive level positions in Fortune 500 companies. After a successful career in business building and leading teams, he chose to redirect his energy and experiences toward helping aging adults and their families live their lives as independently and safely as possible, always preserving dignity.

Mike, and his wife Tammy have personal experiences leading to this decision. Caring for both Mike's and Tammy's parents for years created both a passion and an understanding for the needs facing older adults and their families. Dealing with the complexities of challenging decisions facing our aging adults is the area where Mike wants to contribute and make a difference.

Mike is the expert on all types and options for assisted living in the North and South Carolina areas he serves. He visits and researches every facility in the area, and scrutinizes state inspection and complaint reports. He would never recommend a location that he would not choose for his own parents.

Mike's approach to helping clients assess their needs and find a safe and caring facility includes getting to know them and their concerns during 'one-on-one' meetings, accompanying them on tours of facilities that meet their wants & needs, ensuring all the questions are asked & answered, helping with any paperwork, aiding with any needs leading up to, during, and after any relocation. The 'perfect choice the first time' is his goal.

When not working to make a difference in his client's lives, Mike & Tammy enjoy family time with their daughter, son-in-law, and 2 incredible grand-kids. Mike volunteers with the York County Council on Aging, Charlotte Friendship Trays, Alzheimer Organization events, and his local church family. Mike & Tammy enjoy all that Charlotte and Upstate SC have to offer in hiking, sports, and entertainment.